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Number of Teams:
Individual Team Salary Limit:
Salary Percentage Split:
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Player Breakdowns:
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Hitting Categories


Pitching Categories

At Bats:   RBI:   Total Bases:    


Starters Wins * :  


Runs:   SB:   Extra Base Hits:    


Relief Wins * :  

Quality Starts:  

Hits:   CS:   Strike Outs:    


Hits Allowed:  

Complete Games:   

1B:   AVG:   BB:    


Earned Runs Allowed:   


2B:   Slugging  Pct:   Net SB(SB-CS):    


Home Runs Allowed:   


3B:   On-Base Pct:     Stolen Base %:    

WHIP (BB+hits/IP):  

Hit by Pitch:  

Blown Saves:  

HR:   OBP + SLG:   Hit By Pitch:    


K / Inning:  

Net Saves (Sv-BSv):  


Walks Allowed:   

K / Walk:  

Net Wins (Win-Loss):  



Enter the amount assigned to each scoring category.   
      For ROTO if a category is used assign it a 1, or 2 if counts as 2 categories,  If the category is a negative category enter it as "-1" like Losses, etc.
      For FANTASY POINT leagues you can use decimals, example .5 for a 1/2 of point
Starters Wins and Relief Wins are intended for Fantasy Points leagues and only apply if Wins is ZERO.