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Nathan Noy

Co-founder of  Currently, a MBA candidate at The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business. 

Has been participating in fantasy leagues of every kind since the late 80's.  Currently participates in 6 different "serious" fantasy baseball leagues and has
won a number of championships.

Nathan's article "How to run an on-line draft" was mentioned in the Fantasy Insider by John Hunt last season.  You can check out he column in the USA Today's Baseball Weekly archive.

Patrick Luft

Software Engineer in Portland, Oregon. Site designer and webmaster since 2000.

Has been participating in fantasy leagues of every kind since 1987. Currently serving as a commissioner in each sport, Baseball, Football and Basketball.   Has won numerous Baseball, Football and Basketball Championship in many different league formats.

Fantasy Draft Philosophy - Come prepared. The middle and late rounds will win it for you.  After you have your Core players TAKE RISKS.
Fantasy League Philosophy - To be successful, you have to make moves by adding free agents AND through trades. Listen to any trade offer and always offer a counter involving his underachieving players.

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Currently the Senior Editor of and primary contributor for hockey coverage and many of the “Other” sports. 

Co-hosts and produces “Reality Check,” “Football Fanatics,” “Hockey Insider” and “Life’s a Pitch with Ken Detwiler” for and serves as a business reporter for the McGraw-Hill Companies. Co-author with Nathan Noy and co-editor with Carol Morris of the Drafthelp Publishing book, “STRANDED: A Guide to Life Without Major League Baseball.” 

A graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. 

Has been participating in fantasy leagues since 1986 and is a Triple Crown Champion (football, hockey and baseball – twice).

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Baseball writer and aspiring sabermatician, as well as the originator of SWIP (carried by, he often proposes counterintuitive ideas that are formed from in-depth statistical analysis.  Never afraid to speak his mind no matter how unpopular his ideas, his work for is often augmented by additional research materials located on his home page:
A graduate of the University of San Francisco where he received his MA in Theology. 


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2003 - NHDS Canada - Sports Award - for site's ease of navigation, obvious hard work, and dedicated content.