Outstanding Special Team Award Winners
Lou Groza Award - Outstanding Kicker Ray Guy Award - Outstanding Punter Mosi Tatupu Award- Outstanding Special Teams
Year Player                School
2018 Andre Szmyt           Syracuse
2017 Matt Guy              Utah
2016 Zane Gonzalez         Arizona St
2015 Ka'imi Fairbairn      UCLA
2014 Brad Craddock         Maryland
2013 Roberto Aguayo        Florida State
2012 Cairo Santos          Tulane
2011 Randy Bullock         Texas A&M
2010 Dan Bailey            Oklahoma State
2009 Kai Forbath           UCLA
2008 Graham Gano           Florida State
2007 Thomas Weber          Arizona
2006 Art Carmody           Louisville
2005 Alexis Serna          Oregon State
2004 Mike Nugent           Ohio State
2003 Jonathan Nichols      Mississippi
2002 Nate Kaeding          Iowa
2001 Seth Marler           Tulane
2000 Jonathan Ruffin       Cincinnati
1999 Sebastian Janikowski  Florida State
1998 Sebastian Janikowski  Florida State                                       
1997 Martin Gramatica      Kansas State                                        
1996 Marc Primanti         No.Carolina St
1995 Michael Reeder        TCU
1994 Steve McLaughlin      Arizona
1993 Judd Davis            Flordia
1992 Joe Allison           Memphis
Year Player             School
2018 Braden Mann        Texas A&M
2017 Michael Dickson    Texas
2016 Mitch Wishnowsky   Utah
2015 Tom Hackett        Utah (2nd)
2014 Tom Hackett        Utah
2013 Tom Hornsey        Memphis
2012 Ryan Allen         LSU (2nd)
2011 Ryan Allen         LSU
2010 Chris Henry        Florida
2009 Drew Butler        Georgia
2008 Matt Fodge         Oklahoma St
2007 Durant Brooks      Georgia Tech
2006 Daniel Sepulveda   Baylor (2nd)
2005 Ryan Plackemeier   Wake Forrest
2004 Daniel Sepulveda   Baylor
2003 BJ Sander          Ohio State
2002 Mark Mariscal      Colorado
2001 Travis Dorsch      Purdue
2000 Kevin Stemke       Wisconsin

Year Player                School

2006 A.J. Trapasso      Ohio State
2005 Ryan Hoffman       Illinois St
2004 Chad Owens         Hawaii
2003 Wes Welker         Texas Tech
2002 Glenn Pakulak      Kentucky
2001 Kahlil Hill        Iowa
2000 J.T. Thatcher      Oklahoma
1999 Deltha O'Neal      California
1998 Chris McAlister    Arizona
1997 Brock Olivo        Missouri

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